Loving Spoonful envisions a resilient community and local food system, that nourishes all people and supports dignified access to good food.


263 Weller Ave #4, Kingston, ON K7K 2V4


Connecting People with Good Food

Through active engagement of volunteers and partners, Loving Spoonful moves good local food across the city to ensure that it is accessible to all in Kingston & Area.

The food we reclaim is all local produce! All of this beautiful food passes both Loving Spoonful’s Healthy Food Guidelines and our moto that we only deliver it if it is fresh enough to feed our own families. People in poverty or struggling at a shelter need nothing less to cope.

We collaborate with partners across the City to ensure that our programs are dynamic and tailored to the unique needs of our community. Different programs run at different times.

Loving Spoonful’s Community Kitchen programs convene people around good food. Children, families and adults learn healthy food skills and build community. As you know, good food brings people together, so building programming around good food is only common sense.

Loving Spoonful’s Urban Agriculture program is working to get Kingston growing! We know that in order to build a more just food system, we need to massively increase the amount of food we produce locally. This is why we partner with and support local farmers!

There is enormous untapped potential for food production within the City of Kingston. Urban agriculture can build community, empower individuals with skill-sharing, and connect more people to fresh local food – and that’s what we’re all about.

Loving Spoonful’s GROW Project teaches students in 21 schools across Kingston and area about good food, community, collaboration, and environmental stewardship.

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