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We’re a not-for-profit sleepover camp for children for Canadian Military Families and children living with unique challenges.

Camp Maple Leaf is a National registered charity* serving children from Canadian Military families as well as Children and families with unique life challenges. Our three sleepover camps (in Ontario, Atlantic Canada and Western Canada) provide children and families who share similar life experiences with a special place to call their own.

At Camp Maple Leaf, the wacky fun goes hand-in-hand with our warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone belongs. Each of three camp locations feature the same exciting and welcoming Camp Maple Leaf atmosphere where the uniqueness and talents of every camper is celebrated. Whether we are canoeing, swimming, fishing, creating arts & crafts or playing all-camp games, our campers challenge themselves in new ways and make friendships that “follow them home”.

During every session of camp, we proudly celebrate those who have served our country and communities as members of the Military or as first responders. We honour them by raising the flag every morning, lower it every night and sharing songs, stories, and thoughts about what they mean to all of us.

Our days are full of fun and adventure, and there is rarely a staff member not in a costume or a cabin group of campers not cheering while enjoying a delicious meal in the dining hall. At night the whole camp ends another “best day ever” by gathering around the campfire together in support and friendship. “Thanks for the day, campers!”


We invite you to join us as a camper or supporter at Camp Maple Leaf!

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