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Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Tel: (613) 484-5952

Servicing Kingston & The Islands, Quinte, Belleville, Greater Napanee, South & Central Frontenac, Gananoque, Brockville and everywhere in between!

At Mediaology, we’re not just in the business of real estate; we’re in the business of storytelling. Founded 2021, our company has revolutionized the way properties are presented and perceived through cutting-edge media solutions.

With a passion for both real estate and creative expression, we’ve forged a unique path in the industry, becoming a media company that seamlessly blends the art of visual storytelling with the science of property marketing.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to transform properties into immersive experiences that resonate with potential buyers on a deep and emotional level. Through our unparalleled media services, we aim to transcend traditional property listings and offer a gateway into the lifestyle, aesthetics, and unique features each property offers.

What Sets Us Apart
Innovative Visuals: We leverage the latest technologies including 3D virtual tours, drone footage, and interactive floor plans to provide potential buyers with an in-depth exploration of every property.

Strategic Marketing: Our team of marketing experts collaborates with real estate professionals to craft tailored campaigns that engage the right audience and drive results.

Emphasis on Storytelling: Every property has a story to tell. Our skilled photographers and videographers capture the essence of each space, allowing potential buyers to envision their own story within the property’s walls.

Exceptional Quality: We take pride in our commitment to quality. From meticulous editing to attention to detail, our media captures the essence of a property’s true beauty.

Industry Expertise: With years of experience in media production, we understand the nuances of the market and the power of visual communication.

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