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299 Concession St., Suite 301
Kingston ON K7K 2B9

1 800 790 9020
(613) 546 1141

Never Miss a Call Again – Experience 24/7 Top-notch Telephone Answering Services.

Alliance Answer provides 24-hour phone service with live telephone receptionists to represent your company. We are completely automated with sophisticated software that allows us to effectively and efficiently handle all incoming calls.

Receptionists, order taking, reservations, scheduling, help desks, scripted surveys, forms processing, fundraising, emergency response, ticket sales, and more!

Many people will not or do not like talking to an answering machine. A live telephone answering service will enhance your image and increase your business.

By having your telephones answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you are telling your current and potential customers that you take their needs seriously. Don’t take a chance on hang ups again — your phone will not work for you unless it is answered!

Alliance is a quality-driven company backed by a total commitment from employees of all levels. We strive to give our clients the confidence that their message will be delivered efficiently and accurately.

As past winners of the CAM-X Award of Service Excellence on numerous occasions, we have proven that we are the telephone answering service for YOU!

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